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Life on Life disciples children and youth so they will love and follow Jesus, develop character qualities in response to God, and grow in life skills to prepare them to be healthy adults.

The Church of Uganda has become a place for creating hope for the young people with many of our centres now involved in children’s safeguarding and protection and helping children see themselves as accepted and loved by both God and the church.

Richard RukundoProvincial Children’s Coordinator, Church of Uganda

Around the world

Life on Life projects are located around the globe, and we are always evaluating new opportunities.

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    Welcome to Life on Life Project
    Life on Life Project is about bringing holistic transformation in children's lives, which is at the heart of all children's ministry.
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    Sharing the Gospel with Children
    Sharing the Gospel must be a focal point of our ministries. The Gospel is (or should be) central to everything we do. Yet sometimes we focus on so many other thing ~ the environment, safety of our kids, recruiting volunteers, teaching methodology, and more! ~ all of which are good (necessary, even). But if we are failing to share the Gospel, we are failing in our ministry.
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  • ten-minute-time-fillers
    Ten-Minute Time Fillers
    The lesson is done. The students are getting wiggly. You look at the clock. Still 10 minutes to go. How are you going to keep the kids busy for the rest of class? How about a game? Here are some easy, 10-minute games that require no preparation and no extra materials.
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    Protecting Children in a Violent World
    Children who experience violence in their homes and communities suffer lifelong physical, psychological, and emotional consequences. What can you do to help?
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